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My husband and I were very unsure about having a videographer at our wedding and really debated this option for a few months. I had heard through mutual friends about Nathan Laughland owner at Energy In Motion - Film, Photo, & Alternative Media. I had either contacted other companies to discover that they wouldn’t call back and or the prices and packages didn’t meet our interest. Luckily, I contacted Nathan (Nate) Laughland and he was available for our wedding on October 28,2017. He was very professional and friendly on the phone and provided me all answers to my questions/concerns. When we met up for an appointment he had a very easy to follow contract and made me feel at ease. He was so extremely professional but very friendly. We were so pleased that we had hired him. The week of our wedding which is a blur because I was very busy, stressed and filled with so many happy emotions, Nate took time to message me a beautiful text that warmed my heart. He is such a gentle soul and beyond talented. He was so funny and kind the day of my wedding and camouflaged in a good way throughout the wedding but was there 100 percent. When we received our highlights within less then a month my husband and I had goosebumps and I teared up! It was beyond anything we had imagined. This man has a talent! Other people that watched our highlight couldn’t believe how classy and modern it was. The best part about Nate is that he captures still images from his video clips in addition to the video which is just mind blowing. We literally watched our video 20-30 times once we received it because it was that good and not just because of course it was about our special day but all the thought, time, detail and energy he put into it. I’ve never heard of anyone receiving their wedding video in less than a months time completely edited. We completely became friends and I would recommend Nate for wedding and any other video needs. He honestly feels like a good friend rather than a hired help for the day. He is genuinely so kind and passionate about his work. There is no one else I would recommend! Alan and MaryGrace Jessop

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